This performance invites the spectators to a physical relationship drama between two acrobats, through documentary material and suggestive atmosphere. Smoke, music, and acrobatics are mixed with questions about circus identity, creative desire, and the art of being on stage.

KOROBKA means box in Russian and takes us back to 2001 and a student room of 16 sqm in Moscow. Like the narrow space of the student room back then, the feeling of having limited space and being trapped has also characterized our recent times. Locked up in a pandemic with very limited conditions to create, two children to support, bodies to be maintained and within this inspiration and creativity are expected to appear.

As acrobats with a long career behind us, there is an inherent need for reflection but also a necessary transformation. Issues related to an acrobat’s identity and “life span” are constantly present. By highlighting our current issues we hope to be able to open up and embody things that touch upon the art/struggle of being a human. It is some kind of tribute to the nerdiness, and the impossible task to constantly try to repeat our “tricks”, even if the conditions change.

So here we are… 20 years later, in a different time, in another Korobka, or more precisely on a 16 square meter stage area.


Playtime: 50 min
Ages: 13+ years
Stage size: 6 x 6 m Height: 5 m.
For more information and technical rider, please
contact us through: info[at]acrobalance.com

Co-producers: Dansinitiativet
With support from: Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm
Studio residency: Subtopia, Idefarmen