The performance

By untangling the knots of relationships and navigating the unpredictable course of processes, the artists capture time in its fleeting moments and challenge the rules of gravity. In the sublime simplicity of everyday life, they discover the vibrant pulse of love, and in Sisyphean movements, they sculpt time into their own rhythm, where the shadow of exhaustion is interwoven into their work. The release becomes an act of giving and taking, of physically harnessing what they are – their bodies – and thus moving towards the healing rituals of artistry. With subtle humor, honesty and sweat, the performance touches on relatable universal experiences. It integrates physical movements with video art, questions about identity, creative desire, and the art of stage presence. Korobka has been described as “Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ the acrobatic version” and “The Norén of the circus”

The process

After working for years as a performing duo – living, practicing and perfecting together – they felt an urgent need to explore their art in a new way. Looking deep into their practice, far beyond the physical movements, they reached a profound self-awareness. It also granted them research methodologies that opened up new channels for artistic expressions. Henrik and Louise evolved into their own observers. Always keeping an objective eye throughout the artistic processes, moving in and out of the present, highlighting the less obvious and using the situations given to them.

As they were about to embark on the journey of creating Korobka, the pandemic struck. It forced a challenging decision on them – to abandon production or adapt to the circumstances. Choosing the latter, their two young children accompanied them at every creative session and rehearsal. This resonates within the sound scape, that was recorded and incorporated into the performance.


Playtime: 50 min
Ages: 13+ years
Stage size: 6 x 6 m Height: 5 m.
For more information and technical rider, please
contact us through: info[at]acrobalance.com

Co-producers: Dansinitiativet
With support from: Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm
Studio residency: Subtopia, Idefarmen