Mailchimp presents • The Art of Working in Pairs • Photo: Documentary by Thor Brenne



The artists Louise Bjurholm von Euler and Henrik Agger, a performance duo from Sweden, have worked together since 2001. For the last ten years they have choreographed their own productions, mixing art forms such as dance, circus, theatre, film and soundscapes. Louise and Henrik has performed their work at festivals and theatres all over the world – from Guangdong Contemporary Dance Festival in China to Sesc International Festival in Sao Paulo Brazil, Les Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels, Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT) On the Edge festival Vienna and Institut Suédois in Paris. In their artistic practice Henrik and Louise investigate the art of working in pairs – movements, bodies, mental states. A couple on and off stage, they look beyond the physical to find and use other elements of their practice as inspirational work for new material. They use mixed-media such as documentary film and texts of everyday life situations with their performative practice and transform it into very personal performances that touch on experiences that anyone can relate to.

Louise Bjurholm von Euler has a master’s degree from the master’s program New Performative Practices at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SKH). Henrik Agger went to the Mime Acting Program at Teaterhögskolan Stockholm (Stockholm University of the Arts). They have a diploma in Circus Arts from Moscow State School of Circus, 2001-2006, where they studied under the legendary acrobatic coach Boris Nikiforovich Belochvostov. Henrik Agger is one of the founders of the contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör, the largest circus company in the Nordic countries, which brought contemporary circus to Sweden in 1995. As freelance artists Henrik and Louise have been working with large touring companies, performing around the world.


Photo Credit & Copyright: Donatas Alisauskas